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Labels for school

One way to keep students organized is with personalised labels for school. Whether you have several students living in the same home, children with identical school supplies, or merely want to set your things apart from the rest, school labels are a fun way to get organised.

At Tok Tokkie, we create fun labels for kids that teaches them to take ownership with even the most common office supplies in their possession. By creating unique, personalised diary South Africa that students enjoy, it helps to give them a sense of belonging in the classroom.

If you are tired of your child misplacing their notebooks, folder, and more, our custom stationery labels can help. We offer a diverse range of kids labels to choose from, finding the perfect pairing for any interests, hobbies, and more.

tok tokkie Teachers Reward Labels – I Lost a Tooth

Children’s Gift Labels

Children seem naturally drawn to the use of bugs and insects in photos, labels, and more. That is why you can find our namesake beetle, the Tok Tokkie, on many gifts, stationery items, and personalised diary South Africa children love.

These fun and whimsical items are ideal for any occasion, whether it’s their birthday or for random rewards. You can find an assorted range of unique gift ideas every day.


Magnet School Labels South Africa

No matter how observant of a student you have in the home or their ages, everyone heads to the refrigerator eventually. And when you have magnetic stationery labels that catch your attention in the kitchen, it means never missing essential dates again.

Whether you need labels 4 school to remind them of homework assignments or to help remember when they have a dentist appointment, our custom magnets are a top choice for many. Keep yourself organised the fun way with magnetic labels for school.

tok tokkie Teachers Reward Labels – PLAIN PILLS

Stamps, Stickers, & School Labels Cape Town

When you need to ensure everyone knows whose items belong to whom, stationery labels may not be enough by themselves. Instead, personalised stamps and stickers can help keep more of your belongings apart from the rest.

Whether you need teaching stamps, golf ball stamps, or unique sticker labels 4 school, you can find them all with us. We continue creating the school labels South Africa families prefer time and again.


Baby Gift Labels

When you are a new parent or one that has welcomed a recently born member into the family, you want to capture every moment. Among our most popular kids labels are baby growth stickers.

Just peel, stick, and take a photo and you now have a memory to cherish with them in the future. From monitoring larger meals to little victories, our labels for kids are sure to help.

toktokkie I love you this much Mom Mug

Adult Gift Labels South Africa

Do you dread that friend or family member that you never know what to purchase them for birthdays and holidays? You are not alone, and that is why we also provide adult gift items as well.

Whether you have a beer pong space you need to help appear more official, personalised coffee mugs and wine bottle labels, tea light wraps and more, we make gift giving simple. When you are out of ideas, our unique gift items can save the day.


Personalised Diary South Africa

Each time a new cartoon becomes popular, it seems as if every student in class has the same school labels. Even when you think that you’ve purchased the diary or notebook no one else will have bought, dozens of other children have the same kids labels.

Whether you need a new diary, paper pads, photo notebooks and more, we can help set you apart from the other students and co-workers. See why we continue making the best personalised diary South Africa residents order.

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Teacher School Labels South Africa

Even the most experienced educators can use a little additional help setting their classroom up for success. Whether you are searching for inspirational labels for kids urging them to do their best or something fun and whimsical, we carry it all in stock.

We produce a broad range of posters, magnets, stamps, and more, helping you find the ideal labels South Africa teachers rely on daily. When you need better choices in labels for school, you can find it all with our shop.

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Holiday Labels South Africa

Although there are many holidays on the calendar, some receive more attention than others. As a result, you might go to purchase themed kids labels or stationary, only to discover that there are none left at the store.

You can discover the celebratory labels for kids that you continue searching for to celebrate Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and more important holidays. Whether you prefer to offer a customised gift wrap or provide them with a personalised diary, South Africa shoppers turn to us for all their label needs.

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School Labels Cape Town

When you’re shopping for labels 4 school, it seems as if the retail chains all carry the same uninspired items. Not only does it fail to impress your students, but it soon leads to mistaken school supplies and unnecessary disagreements.

Instead, we offer all the school labels South Africa students, teachers, and parents prefer and many options in custom organisation items. Whether you need labels for kids, school bag tags, planning calendars and teacher gifts, you can find it all with us.


Custom Calendar Labels for School

Tests, homework assignments, rugby practice and more all seem to fall through the cracks eventually. When your student depends on you to keep them organised, however, it can feel as if you’ll never keep your head on straight.

When you order your custom calendars, it allows you to discover the level of organisation that you need for your hectic schedule. You can find desk calendars, wall planners, weekly and monthly planning tools and more labels South Africa parents trust.

Toktokkie Desk Calendar A3 Floral

Wall Art Labels 4 School

An empty wall in a bedroom or classroom doesn’t need to remain uninspiring. You can find canvass posters and wall art that motivates, inspires, and helps make any space brighter in the process.

Your personalized school labels don’t need to remain behind on stationary and notebooks. We provide the wall art selections that help you create the perfect classroom and keeps your students motivated.

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