Teaching Strategies 3 Ways You Can Say Well-Done To Your Learners

Teaching is not an easy profession by any stretch of the imagination. Teachers must keep up with evolving teaching strategies, it’s a lot of hard work with a whole lot of upstream swimming. You want to help your class to learn as best as you can, and wake up every day with new determination to make a difference, but feel exhausted and overworked at the end of a school day since Pietie wanted to show off how disruptive he could be during your presentation, or little Refilwe was crying because of a tummy ache… and not much else was learnt during that period! If you feel as if you are constantly at odds with a class that simply doesn’t want what you’re offering them, then Tok Tokkie wants to help you as much as we can.

We believe that healthy self-esteem is the difference between an unruly class and a class that wants to learn from you. After all, most children might feel as though there’s no point in learning when they don’t feel as if they’re progressing. That’s why we’ve compiled for you this list of ways that will enable you to say, “Well done!” to your learners.

Teaching Strategies Number 1 – Show Them That You Care

Each and every learner brings a whole new spectrum of interests to your classroom. Sammy might love dinosaurs whereas Holly won’t stop talking about unicorns. Can you pick out an interest of each of your learners and tell an entire story of every one? Maybe not at the start of the year, but definitely midway through the year! Many children feel validated when their interests are celebrated. These are teaching strategies worth exploring. That is why we at Tok Tokkie added as many different designs as we could to our Teacher Reward labels. You can customise a child’s reward to suit their interests the most!

Teaching Strategies Number 2 – Reward Good Behaviour

Dopamine is proven to be a powerful reinforcer and dopamine is released every time you get a tangible reward. Even the little noises and flashing colours of those time-draining match-3 games can give you a dopamine fix! It’s why they are so addictive. Those games are time-draining precisely because we milk all of the dopamine that we can out of the activity. We feel validated and recognised with very little effort. The same principle can be applied to the classroom. If a learner wants that feeling of validation and recognition when they receive a physical reward, it stands to reason that they will repeat the behaviour. And if the validation and recognition came in the form of something they can take home to show Mom and Dad, all the better!

Teaching Strategies Number 3 – Use The Us-Against-Teacher Mentality To Your Advantage!

Are your children ganging up against you? Don’t let it get to you. It’s nothing personal. Children seem to instinctively rebel against the older generations in order to establish their own place in the world. Get them back on your side by not feeling negative about them as a result, and then bring out the fun by challenging them to an exciting learning game! You can divide the children into teams of three, write the assignment on the board, and give rewards to the team that can beat you to finishing the assignment. (Pro tip: Pretend to do the assignment and get some marking done. Just don’t get caught!)

Rewarding is of the teaching strategies we make fun with Tok Tokkie! Have a look at our Teacher Reward Labels and see for yourself! Have something specific in mind but don’t see it in our online shop? Contact us to hear if we have it in the pipeline.


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