Tok Tokkie is a family-run company which was formed to create and produce products that are fun, therefore original and useful. All our products for instance are designed in-house to create unique products.

We subscribe to the “local is lekker” formula and source our materials as locally as possible, trying to support the local economy.

The name Tok Tokkie is a name for a beetle. The Beetle lives in Southern Africa and is synonymous for tapping its abdomen on the ground. This is to attract its mate.

We chose the name tok tokkie as it is about communication. In other words that is what we are all about! Communicating a personal message to your friends or loved ones.

The name is also playful. A game we remember playing as kids, running up to the front door of your neighbour and knocking on it but running away before they could open it. We’d like to keep our offering fun and playful where we can, and have fun doing it too!